Аbout our center

The wellness center "WORLD OF KUNG FU" has been successfully operating since 1992. Throughout its history, it had different names: "KUNG FU Center", "Beautiful Family", "Hong-Gia", "Eugene SAO", but it fulfilled one task - to open the way to the world of kung fu for people. It is unique in its kind, as it broadcasts the "true" kung fu of the Taoist masters of kung fu and wu chi of the "HONG-GIA" school (Hong-Gia (Hong-Za) under the guidance of Grand Master Ly Hong Thai, whose world center is located in Los Angeles (USA).

We are the first official branch of the HONG-GIA World Center in the world (since 2001), but today its representative offices already exist in Saigon (Vietnam), Tokyo (Japan), Ottawa (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Paris (France), Russia (Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, etc.), Ukraine (Kiev) and many other cities.

The head of our center is Master Ly Hong Sao - a disciple of Grand Master Ly Hong Tai. Master Sao has two higher educations, has been practicing martial arts since 1985, is currently recognized as an expert in Taoist techniques, acupuncture and manual therapy in the Hong-Gia technique, has a White Belt level. Master Sao defended his scientific work on improving the health of university students engaged in Kung Fu. He has published hundreds of educational video films and methodological manuals. On June 20, 2015, the Italian Kung Fu Association awarded him the title of "Master of the Year" in the category "Masters of Kung Fu in the world". He has conducted seminars in different countries of the world: Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. He worked as a teacher at various universities.

Over the many years of the center's work, more than 6000 students (for the period 01.01.2015) have gained knowledge and received certificates from its hands. During this time, several dozen families were created due to the fact that young people met like-minded people here. Today, their children already go to our lessons. Our center is unique in that it has opened a new perspective on kung fu for many people. Of course, Kung Fu refers to martial arts, but it is also a professional wellness technique. Kung fu is work and time, the master, revealing this philosophy, gives you the opportunity to understand "who I am", which allows you to take place in life. Based on ancient Taoist knowledge and teaching experience, Master Sao brought the teaching methodology at the school into a single system, where the levels of advancement and stages of training are visible. Thanks to this, it is not difficult for people of any age and level of preparedness to understand and perform it, which gives excellent results.

There are different groups working in the center, they can be divided into the following groups:

- for those who have serious health problems
- for those who need rehabilitation after illness or injuries
- for athletes who are looking for a way to improve their results
- for young people who need to find and know themselves
- for women and men who have received serious stress and psychological trauma
- for people who are doing great, and they are looking for how to explore new heights and become even better
- for those who have decided to do their own body
- for those who want to become an instructor or a warrior, etc.

As you can see, the goals and directions are extensive, it is impossible even to list everything completely.

All questions can be closed through the WORLD of KUNG FU!

To complete all the tasks set, the center is training in several programs.

Our instructors - qualified specialists with many years of experience, physical education and certificates for the right to teach kung fu from the Hong-Gia world Kung Fu center. For those who want to become instructors, courses are held regularly.

The center also offers other interesting areas and courses: astrology, feng shui, calligraphy, tea ceremony, pilates and fitness in the style of kung fu and much more. New visitors are always welcome in the center.

Come and discover the multifaceted WORLD of KUNG FU!

It will surprise and change you for the better!